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Mitch Gosling

One to One Training:

Whether you’re looking for general fitness, or to lose weight, recover from injuries, prepare for sports competitions, I can design a fully optimised programme specifically designed to achieve your personal goals in the shortest possible time.

If you’re seeking a well qualified, highly experienced and enthusiastic personal trainer with a sincere and friendly approach, then please get in touch. I’ll be happy to discuss how I can help you set your goals and achieve those goals with the maximum amount of fun along the way. I love my job and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see my clients reaching their targets, with a smile on their face.

Weight Loss:

The number of people who are profoundly over-weight or obese is on the rise. This affects a large number of people in the UK. The fight against fat is not an easy one but can be a tough battle. There is no question that the development of a new healthy eating and fitness lifestyle is immensely helpful in winning this fight, while helping to provide the necessary motivation for its success. But don't despair, you will lose it. To help you do this, I will provide motivation and create a structured program that helps you through and achieve your goal.

Pre/post natal:

Woman can exercise up to the eighth month. After the birth of the baby, an exercise program can commence almost immediately. During pregnancy, a lot of stress is put on the muscle on the lower back. This is due to the extra weight of the baby. So exercise and stretching can be extremely important.

General Fitness:

This is not just about looking good. It is about your overall health and well being. Your diet and aerobic programs will be the core of your fat loss and fitness. I will create them with you in mind. It will be based on your current condition, goals, your schedule and lifestyle. Simply, what will work for you.

“Today cardiovascular disease is a number one killer.”